Today is the birthdate of Low Key's website, and the first day of the rest of the group's life. And as we sit here in the aftermath, gently admiring our new creation as it screams and kicks its way into existence -- as its eyes adjust to the new light, the first hits begin to stream in, the first names drop into the mailing list, it's really quite fun to look back on the process that led us here.  

Because this has been coming for years. This began when Sam, and Ben, and Mike, and Josh, and Adam, and I, completely separately from one another, began singing in pre-school, elementary school, high school, the shower. We've all come together through song and the joy of music, and we've put something together that we are quite proud of. We began singing for free -- heck, I think we had to pay for stage time at some venues, without the prospect of reimbursement.  Our first serious performance required a drive from NYC to Michigan, where we performed alongside a fake Elvis Presley (the meager proceeds covered beer, gas, and some munchies). A few short years later, we've risen towards the top of NYC groups, placing third in our first competition (the NYC Harmony Sweepstakes), performing with top notch musical ensembles such as Sung Jin Hong's One World Symphony, and lining up corporate gigs with significant companies companies such as Nokia and Fieldpoint.

This website is just the next milestone in this group's existence, and from where we stand, the future looks bright and sounds amazing.