Recent trend in Low Key gig requests -- nuptials. Weddings, rehearsal dinners, ninja proposal performances -- they're flying in the door. I guess it's that time of year, as gents look out to next Spring and Summer, and start ponying up for those carats that every lady imagines floating above their fourth finger.

And to be honest, it's been a blast so far. Singing for a crowd at a bar, or as ambiance at a corporate event, or even in someone's honor mid-presentation or at a birthday are really fun and exciting, but nothing really compares to seeing the tear ducts spring alive on a lucky lady as she stammers out a surprised "homygodyes" to her suddenly kneeling companion.

If you haven't seen it already, we had the good luck to be asked to play the part for Alan and Alex at Columbus Circle a few weeks back (apologies for tough to hear sound -- but the moment's poignancy is aptly embodied by the woman screaming in the background as the surprised lady watches her groom-to-be pulling a particular box out of his pocket.)

And more recently, we had the honor of being the entertainment at Ken and Rebecca Romeo's wedding out in New Rochelle. We broke out two new songs, including Jason Mraz's "Won't Give Up" as Rebecca began her fateful walk down the aisle, and the Pentatonix version of "Love You Long Time" at the cocktail hour, and even took a crack at taking some requests from the crowd -- one very happy couple got serenaded by a newly created version of "Lady In Red", solo'd by Adam Zamora, and on-the-spot-arranged by Ben Piper.  No video from the wedding yet, but a look at the header will show you a beautiful bride flanked enthusiastically by the group.

Doesn't she look happy!