remember that DMB song?


How about remember when Low Key competed in Harmony Sweepstakes 2014?

Still no..

Well, we didn't do a very good job telling you about it here in the "News" section. And Dave Matthews stopped making good music in '98. So you're excused on both accounts.

Better freshen up on your mid-nineties yodel-rock for next time .. 

F'realdoh, it was an esteemed honor to share the Miller Theatre stage on Columbia's campus with our old buddies and last year's champs The Rainbows. We hiked up our pants, strapped on our suspenders, and sang acapella music into microphones. There were even moments when we moved in similar ways at similar times! 

We also debuted our version of Pharrell's "Happy," compliments of our own Ben Wexler, aca-mastermind and arranger extraordinaire.

Needless to say, we crushed it, even if the judges would have preferred our crush content lower. You'll find a take from last week's rehearsal below, where we crush it one more 'gain, for crushing's sake. But first, and also for crushing's sake:

  • Crush Little Baby, Don't Say a Word
  • The Crussian Revolution
  • Crimea River

All crushing aside -- we're positively budding to bring some fresh harmonies to a backdrop which begs no augmentation: spring in New York City.

Deal with it NYC, we might be Low Key but we just can't help ourselves.

See y'all out there.